7 Alarming Reasons for Australia Student Visa Refusal and How We Can Help You Get Visa Success?

  1. If you are planning to start with your Visa application process OR
  2. If you’re getting overwhelmed /frustrated with the irony after getting refusal with your Student Visa for Australia OR
  3. If visa of your dependent has come to a standstill – and then, to add there’s unexpected “Covid-19 pandemic period” which could be causing obstacles in your decision-making process as:

Several international students or aspirants are getting clueless owing to border restrictions, as of currently..

You can’t escape from hearing about alarming refusal reasonsthis blog post has to convey.

Because, You would be able to get your application filing for Australia student visa right from the very BEGINNING if you are with me till the end of this blog post…

But do remember – Constructive and strategic approach also plays an imperative role to get it all RIGHT!

And then to attach strings for refusal reasons – I would also be covering PROVEN ways as to how we can circumvent with reasonable solutions which comes directly from our extensive demonstrated experience and research after retrospecting numerous refusal letters.

After analyzing recurrent problems with supporting applications/grounds stated in refusal letters – I have come to realize that cohort of applicants have common grounds for refusal HOWEVER, they are still unable to figure out the obvious!

In this extensive post, I’ll show you:

  1. What are the most common reasons for refusal?
  2. How is Department of home affairs, Australia distinguishable with their screening process?
  3. Why had the refusal rate skyrocketed in 2019 for International students from India?
  4. How Fly2victory team with the support of affiliated – Registered Migration agent, Australia – can “connect dots” by getting your Visa application right from the beginning?
  5. Importance of statement of purpose.

and much more..

So, If you want to ACTUALLY find success with Visa Grant and not contrarily, jeopardize your chances for pursuing “World-class” higher studies in Australia, you’ve come to the RIGHT PLACE:

And yes – you cannot go WRONG with Registered Migration Agent from Australia whom we have tied up with, to make your Visa filing process easy and uncomplicated with seamless documentation/drafting – ensuring that your application is convincing for the Case officer at FIRST SIGHT!

For now, Let’s dive now right in to know the core reasons and solutions to get them RIGHT :

Reason#1. Inconsistences in information being provided or false/bogus documents..

documents - not right

Do you know that there are still several aspirants who still prefer the “instant gratification” route – the horrifying route to achieve their goals promptly?

And they resort to all sort of frivolous activities like providing bogus documents or misleading statements etc. to satisfy their gratification route and get Visa grant.

But the question is – Will it actually work?

The answer is – obviously NO!

Infact – The applicant can be accused with visa fraud on the
ground of wrong or misleading information provided.
He/she will either be expelled, deported or prohibited from entering Australia forever – if, the charges are found to be of grave nature!

Here’s why resorting to frivolous activites won’t work:

If one can (by chance) evade the high-level scrutiny backed by forensic testing conducted religiously by the Department of Home Affairs, Australia – the person is certainly under WRONG assumptions.

Stats from 2019 are here to prove the scrutiny levels..

Some of the past figures in 2019 have shown rejections at a much larger scale and even, putting India to assessment level-3 – high risk category.

With this background check and large scale rejection rates, it is not surprising that Australia has now placed student visa applications from India in the “high-risk” category, changing the assessment level for these countries from Level 2 to Level 3.

Department of Home Affairs student visa data, which shows that roughly one-in-ten Indian student visa applications from within Australia were rejected over the past two years, well above the circa 5% rejection rate across all nations. Source

By going through the source site above, you must have got a clear idea as to why refusal rates skyrocketed for International students from India in the past.

And then, here’s more to add to the stats :

In Australia last year, 28,000 students were refused a visa –
that’s 8% of all student visa applications. 

So, Certainly – Bogus or invalid documents will not take you much far and instead, on the contrary, will land you into mess!

Reason#2. Application documents not backed by appropriate evidence


Again, This is one of the most common reason for rejection.

The applicant is required to support his/her statements or application with particular documents testifying them or the Visa is guaranteed to be refused!

In layman terms – You are required to prove your claims made in the application with evidentiary documents.

Refusal letter common conclusion – screengrab

As shown in the above screengrab where one of the common conclusions is stated, the Case officer had not been satisfied after weighing all the factors as outlined in Genuine temporary entrant requirement, therefore, the rejection.

Then – To name a few where, The case officer, might not be convinced if you are unable to prove:

  • How you intend to align your intention to study for specific course/program based upon your academic profile, till date?
  • How you intend to portray the value of the program you wish to pursue with your professional career ahead?
  • What constructive work or initiative you have done during the interim period if there had been an educational gap?

Ultimately, If there aren’t suffice documents to accompany – Refusal will come by default!

Reason#3. Inserting all the eggs in one basket


Well, You must have guessed by now as to what I mean here. If not, Read on –

Based upon my experience whilst working with our affiliated Registered migration agent where we had gone through statement of purpose (SOP) of applicants..

Our initial findings concluded the biggest mistake :

The primary applicant had left NO stone unturned by adding WHOLE nuclear family to file at ONE GO!

Which meant that filing an application on a concurrent basis for both – applicant and spouse (including dependant children)

Firstly, See the expenses that will skyrocket at the beginning itself!


And then – there are major contrary adverse strings attached with doing all this :

  • Calling the unheard information – Suppose, Your spouse had Visa refusal in past 10 years. Now, That might cause an impediment for the primary applicant if you have clean profile with good academic records – which was good to go for successful grant. Ever since, Case officer would extend his reach to scan through all applicants whose name appear on the face of records.
  • Financial information complexity – Yes, Financial documents and transactions to corroborate the financial capacity for the whole nuclear family would increase by heaps and hounds coupled with almost just DOUBLE the amount of what single applicant would have to pay or exibit.
  • Making your file COMPLEX for the Case officer – with so many details added as that would call for more in-depth scrutiny.
  • You will put all your resources into doing one thing so that, if it fails, you have no alternatives or options left. 

Instead, I strongly recommend applying for Visa for nuclear family member on a sequential basis meaning – one by one, and that too, after the primary applicant secures a part-time job, gets settled whilst pursuing higher studies on Study Visa.

Read : How I added a constructive approach to someone asking in context of adding family members in similar application:?

Don’t get misguided by this notion which might come by your “lucky” agent – if you could have already applied for your Student Visa application, where the “lucky” agent had given you a lucrative offer of “Fees after Visa” 🙂

This is what such agent might say to convince and get your Case –

Apply altogether and all of you will FIND success in Visa Grant – Get settled while I will also charge less if
you are willing to give me concurrent applications to file together
– Your “Beloved” Agent 🙂

And then, Guess what usually happens?

Apart from Visa being refused – Refusal letter will not outline such narrow reasons because the Case officer who is accessing your file doesn’t have that MUCH adequate time neither are they obligated to do so – as they have to ascertain several files..

This insightful finding can solely be ascertained and told by competent professionals in the Immigration field where our tie-up with Registered migration agent matters in circumventing your refusal and bring your application on the right track – thereby, even strengthening your profile.

Reason#4. Suppressing some crucial information – past rejections or travel history


Now – This is serious offence and can lead to grave ramifications including Visa cancellation or ban upto 10 years leaving no ground for appeal too!

Concealment of crucial information- including past refusals from another country/s is unacceptable by the Visa accessing authorities although, you are primarily required to incorporate refusal for similar Visa type, if refused in the past – even from other countries.

This specific clause is even exhibited in the Genuine temporary entrant requirement.

And yes, as outlined earlier – Even if you intentionally or with ulterior motive try to suppress vital information, the Department of home affairs can eventually catch hold of your moves even at a later stage and this has happened in the past in several instances.

In fact, on the contrary, we always recommend being GENUINE and state clear/concise explanation, devoid of fluff. The case officer will appreciate your integrity and honesty if you follow this route.

Worse could be around the corner with your Visa cancellation

You might be wondering if only your file will get affected?

No – It could result in Consequential Cancellation meaning –

If Your Visa Is Cancelled, Your Family Member’s Visa May Too Be at Risk too

Reason#5. Inapposite Character or health grounds

If you are found as per assessment by Department of Home affairs that you would present a risk to the Australian community or a segment of that community or he or she believes that you may not pass the character test – You may be refused Visa at that very OUTSET.

Although, under such circumstances – The discretionary officer may get back to you to know as why your visa application should not be refused owing to you not passing the character or health test requirement but remember – this doesn’t happen ALWAYS.

Reason#6. Failure to meet English Language Proficiency levels

Since English is the primary language of instruction and communication at all Australian Educational Institutes – you must demonstrate an adequate level of proficiency in English for which preparing for English proficiency tests and securing required band score is mandatory.

Read related article – 4 Top Reasons To Know Why Online English Tests Are The Future To Immigration Pathways?

Non-native English Speakers from countries alike India are required to submit IELTS, PTE or TOFEL score card as part of English proficiency test requirement (ELP).

Failure in doing so or even submission of scores below minimum score requirements can result in your Visa application to be rejected.

Alternate option with band scores near threshold

If you have given your IELTS or PTE test and struggling to get the desired band score, Contact us and we can explore much viable and seamless opportunities with foundation/pathway programs being offered by renowned colleges/universities in Australia.

Get your eligibility checked for FREE for Study Visa – Australia

Reason#7. No proper Financial documents to corroborate your financial well-being to support for at least 12 months


Well, This is the major prerequisite (requirement) which is even outlined in Genuine temporary entrant criterion and without showing your clear access to funding sources – your application will go for a toss!

You are required to PORTRAY yourself to be financially suffice and exhibit that you can manage your financial expenses including traveling, accommodation, and misc. at least up to 12 months – apart from tuition fees (for 1 year at least), out of which at least 1-semester fees is usually required to be paid upfront for availing Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) from a particular college or university.

Here’s why connecting the funding source is important?

Case officers will examine your previous financial and employment history thoroughly and the source of income for your studies and expenses whilst you arrive in Australia – whether it is a bank loan or cash assets or any other fixed assets?

If you have relied on a financial loan, those funds must be deposited into a bank account before you apply. You’ll need unrestricted access without any chance for obstructions and prove you can meet the loan repayments over a longer period.

And yes – It can be bit crafty or tricky to provide evidence of funds to corroborate your financial side – as you are required to support your claims with documents.

Apart from documentation part where you are required to need to ensure that :

  1. Funds are legitimate and
  2. Not being added in a lump sum just for the sake of exhibiting them as “Proof of funds”

Yet, there is advantage here..

Yes – you heard it right. Irrespective of higher scrutiny levels, You get the advantage in comparisons with other nations like Canada –

There is no mandate to purchase an account for Australian Study Visa – which blocks your amount for another 12 months and is mandatory in nature as it is there with Canadian student visa..

Ill Effects of Visa Refusal or Cancellation

Here, I will outline some of the adverse impacts if your Visa approval goes for a toss making you ineligible?

Well – Not exactly ineligible until your Visa has been cancelled henceforth, resulting in ban.

Before, I dive into letting you know about the core importance of Genuine temporary entrant requirement, it’s important to know about the adversities for getting Visa refusal:

  • Your morale level will go down with time as you get Visa refusal..
  • Then, You will be indeterminately made to run from pillar to post in pursuit of getting to know the EXACT grounds resulting in your Visa refusal. Refusal letters are usually vague and typically outline generic statements. So, Digging out “Complete story” can be an uphill task for you.
  • And then, “fear factor” will creep up whether you would be again eligible again to apply or not?
  • Hard-earned money paid till date will go down the drain ever since, Visa application fees is non-refundable along with other charges.
  • Then, If the Visa outcome comes after prolonged time – Would also result in the educational gap which you would need to justify in future applications.

And then – Always be aware that having a visa application refused, or even cancelled, would require you to proclaim this in all future visa applications along with associated forms that are lodged.

Consequently, This could also potentially affect your eligibility for grant of a visa to another country, or other relevant matters where having a visa refusal or cancellation may be an issue.

How we can get it right from DAY ONE and even help you get your refusal on track..?

How we can help to get your refusal on track?

  • We will retrospect your Refusal letter and related application documents starting with Statement of purpose, then moving on to review related documents..
  • Find the reasoning behind grounds for refusal by going line-by-line in all such integral documents and get to extract the concise reasons.
  • Also, After reviewing the available remedy – We would prefer to choose the most appropriate approach after in-depth discussions with the applicant.

Got a refusal letter?

Simply send us the refusal letter through whatsapp or mail and we will quick retrospect your further chances with our extensive and profound knowledge

Now, Let’s dwell into getting it all right from DAY ONE starting with GTE:

Genuine temporary entrant requirement (GTE)

First things first –

All the ingredients for GTE requirements will be incorporated in Statement of purpose – known as the KEY DRIVER to make your application cogent for the Case officer.

The genuine temporary entrant (GTE) requirement is an integrity measure to ensure that the student visa programme is used as intended and not as a way for international students to maintain ongoing residency in Australia.

To put it in a simple perspective –

Is your statement of purpose aligning with what Case officer is looking for? If not, you are getting it ALL WRONG from day one, making yourself to be prepared for the worst scenario – refusal leaving you in “clueless” stage!

For the sake of brevity to make this blog post more specific to relevant topic, I would be covering all the important ingredients for GTE requirement to be incorporated in statement of purpose in another post.

Successful Grant would be subject to discretion of the case officer for which your statement of purpose (SOP) will form the main foundation – will “make” or “break” your chances so it needs to be very well drafted leaving no sign of confusion or raising suspicious eyes for the officer.
Read my answer from Quora in context to get a fair idea

Then, Australia migration rules and regulations are always changing..

Apart from committing one of the erroneous errors as outlined above – which can result in unforeseen refusal, Do you know that you can even be victimized by refusal due to filing Visa under wrong category type?

To testify this point with an example –

Regional Visa recently got changed to Subclass 491 and the ones to get such insider immigration updates even before anticipated information reached the general public are Registered MARA agents and we already have our strategic tie-up, in place.

Then, there have been regular changes coming from all spheres, affecting almost all Australian visa types in view of adjustments with Covid-19 uncertain times..

This is again where we can help :

Professional expertise being imparted from knowledgeable people in the Immigration industry would matter here – who can actually head your file in the right direction – under most appropriate Visa type category for most FAVORABLE outcome.

And then, Timing also affects the acceptance rates.

As per statement by Australian PM – Scott Morrison, He has already affirmed that immigration industry won’t be affected by uncertain times and plan to bring lifestyle back to “normal” soon.

Australia has been declared as one of ‘Safest Place in the World’ as the nation has already managed to contain pandemic with some states having flattened the curve to “NULL” stage and the Govt. is already planning to open borders for International students as early as July.20

As per strong supposition, Next call would be for new International student intakes after borders are opened for International students who are already enrolled…

And then – even, amidst Covid-19, Online study visa applications are being accepted and guess what?

Early applicants will get the edge over others! – here’s why :

Applications being accepted in the early SLOTS have higher chances of acceptance owing to a fixed quota system which has been decided on prior basis by department of home affairs, Australia. Already, The visa officers are loaded with a huge pile of visa applications, thus the late applications are more vulnerable to be rejected when the quota system for international students gets exhausted for the specific year.

If you are still avoiding to get the Professional Help

Read the answer below which would make you feel content – as to why availing our professional services would help you not just to get your application to go in the right direction but also even, help you choose the right course which would align with your long term employment opportunities in Australia.


Preparing and applying for Student Visa can undoubtedly take lot of time and efforts coupled with extensive knowledge you would require to gain from research and then, applying the right course of action with changing immigration rules and regulations/requirements is also needed..

To sum it up – It is simply BEYOND OFFICIAL CHECKLIST process- the checklist which you can get from Immigration and citizenship site..

And, we have seen most of refusals happen for one MAJOR reason –

The applicant is not aware that most of the times – he/she has to go beyond usual requirement checklist to make your application convincing for the Case officer – at first sight!

While not hiring the competent professionals can help you save a sufficient bucks but if you see the end road towards success – it will be something even more futile – a disastrous journey making you run from pillar to post with refusal letter, resulting in big headaches or frustrations..

..And yes – you will go continuously with “insanity rule” if you are doing it all ALONE by using templates and free resources which doesn’t resonate so well with the Student Visa Requirements for Australia as every application requires a different set of statements, documents and required to be tailored in a personalized manner, after counting all the related factors

Not to forget – Proofreading also plays a pivot role in successful Visa grant because even a small typo where you have OVERLOOKED like aligning the program being applied with your academic profile or even, funding source not connecting well can result in refusal..

Now – Over to you

What’s your #1 key takeaway from the reasons or solutions stated?

Or maybe you could be thinking about some question “in context” to what all has been stated in this blog post

Either way, Would love to hear what you have to say. Let me know in the comment box below.

Eligibility check for Visa

The most crucial stage if we don’t wish to don’t just shoot in air without any records on hand and we are pretty sure – neither do the Immigration officer..

Got a refusal letter?

Simply send us the refusal letter through whatsapp or mail and we will quick retrospect your further chances with our extensive and profound knowledge