Covid-19: 6 Insane Myths Debunked and How to Power Your Study Abroad Dreams?


With COVID-19 taking the world by storm, it must have also put a pause on your international study dreams to study in world class study destinations such as Australia, United Kingdom or Canada..

And there could be several worrying questions:

  1. Is Visa application even being processed during such uncertain times?
  2. Is admission process being stalled due to ongoing border restrictions?
  3. Will I get scholarship assistance with strong academic profile?
  4. Will Post graduate Work permit take into account – if I enroll for online course study?
  5. What bonafide measures are Governments taking to instill confidence for international students?

or even more might be popping up in your mind…

Important note..

In this post – Have made references or cited specific examples to support varied standpoints however, do see that certain references may differ for other countries..

While your concerns are genuine and undeniable however, be ASSURED that they have mostly stemmed from purported rumours and misleading information you may be reading or hearing. 

I am going to uncover and debunk [expose the hollowness] of varied baseless myths which are being circulated further in this blog post – however – before that :

Let me exhibit stats from surveys which clearly shows that “Vast majority of Indian students are still keen to study abroad in near future”

survey results

This certainly asserts the fact that most of the aspirants are STILL willing to go against the tides in order to fulfill their ambitions after recognizing that pros outweigh cons such as way better employment opportunity, diversified exposure, and a higher standard of living etc…

So, regardless of we living through unprecedented Covid-19 times – Insane myths are going to be busted sooner or later…

But, If you are expecting to still WAIT for the right moment with all-in-one solution where there is ALL positive news – you are in for illusive mindset and that won’t actually help.

And then, trust me – Things would get TOUGHER if you keep delaying because eventually, time doesn’t come back for the last, you will left solely with REGRETS!

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Now, Let’s dive now right in to know the myths and how they get debunked? :

Myth#1 : International Universities are Not Accepting New Admissions

this is false

This is The truth -

Infact – A significant chunk of revenue for many varsities and their countries comes from overseas student fees so there’s no chance – tertiary sector would forego international students.

And then, to further substantiate the ongoing economic support by the annual cohort of International students – millions of local jobs are created exponentially through them..

Young pretty student smiling cheerfully, feeling happy by knowing the real fact..

Here’s some quick stats to corroborate the above thesis :

Henceforth, Educational institutes are unlikely to ban admissions in view of the inauspicious impact…

MOREOVER – Most countries are working in true spirit on extending complete support to their international students and then – the countries certainly remain oriented towards “Projected growth” shown below:

UNESCO Source for projected growth

“International students contribute significantly to universities’ ability to be world-class. They augment domestic student revenue significantly, but they also help us compete with other countries for the global talent pool that fuels the knowledge economy.” – Victoria University Vice-chancellor Grant Guilford

And then, there is some extensive support for current International students or new intakes – already in limelight..

To name a few :

So, considering the above monetary influx coming through international tertiary education and then, prominent educational institutes are offering several lucrative benefits including fee waivers, IELTS relaxations, online classes or provisional admissions to lure international students :

It would be completely unwise to stand firm with the above myth..

Myth#2 : Study Visa applications are being rejected due to Covid-19

This is completely FALSE…

This is The truth -

Infact, The below screenshots taken from official Immigration sites – Canada, UK – clearly portrays that even amidst Covid-19, Most of the countries are STILL very much accepting online Visa applications – and ever since, all of them are developed nations – well equipped with latest technology trends, You can be at EASE and not worry about your application being rejected atleast due to reasons stemming from Covid -19.


Yet – If someone beloved might have told you this VAGUE Covid-19 reason for refusal, Do ask him to give it in writing. Guess what? He will vanish after you say this 🙂

As a matter of fact – These nations had invested heavily in new digital systems and strategies for application processing and will continue to do so like announced by Canada recently..

If still astonished by your Visa refusal which I am sure could be other unearthed reasons:

Myth#3: Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) Applications won’t take online semester study into account…

This is FALSE…

This is The truth -

Infact – taking Canada higher studies for instance, International students enrolled in fall 2020 batches can complete up to 50% of their course online if they are unable to travel to Canada. This time for online coursework will not be penalized or deducted from the period of their future PGWP.


Now – that SOUNDS great if you are getting PGWP application – taking the online course study duration also into consideration..

And – Yes, Such initiatives have been taken for the FIRST TIME where online course duration is also being considered for PGWP.

Wishing to know in context with advantages related to PGWP, Check out facts which are being unfolded in next myth [..the MOST tangible advantage – Post graduate work permit]

And then, It is anticipated that UK is likely to consider extending PGWP visa from 2 to 4 years after completion of higher studies as recommended by its former university minister Jo Johnson.

To add “icing to the cake” – UK has already confirmed that overseas students will remain eligible for post-study work rights after graduation even if they take online classes in 2020-21 academic year.

Myth#4: Students Unable to Attend In-Person Classes will Have to Forego Their Admission

This is FALSE…

This is The truth -

Infact, To overcome the inevitable situation – Many universities across Australia, UK, Canada, New Zealand and others are offering online classes for summer and fall 2020 semester and deploying all systems, processes with needed measures to ensure that the coming intakes don’t suffer due to any sort of shortcomings.

Overseas students who have already received admission letters but can’t travel due to COVID-19 restrictions can take these classes from anywhere virtually – as cited by several universities…

..As and when the border restrictions ease-out, students can travel to their offshore study destination to complete the remaining phase of the studies. 

Like, for example –

And then, here – you have the MOST tangible advantage – Post graduate work permit :


Attending online classes through distant learning would be counted as part of course study which was not the case prior to COVID-19 and most of universities and educational institutes have already adapted well to the technological development and continue to do so..

If your program was 2 years or more,
Canada Immigration may give you a PGWP that’s valid for 3 years. Almost, Similar criteria apply for Australia, UK graduate route .

Majorly, to sum it up – Your course study from online classes would also be counted for Post Graduate Work Permit [PGWP] – Canada PGWP reference

Myth#5: Universities will No Longer Provide Scholarship Assistance to International Students

This is FALSE…

This is The truth -

Even amidst Covid-19, Universities are working out ways to provide some kind of monetary relief to their overseas students. Moreover, Many universities are also refunding or reducing fees for students who opt for online courses.

Henceforth, Students who were hoping to get a scholarship or monetary assistance from foreign universities upon admission need not worry – subject to profile assessment…

Now, talking particularly about some renowned universities:

  • LaTrobe University, Australia has come up with various scholarship plans for undergraduate, postgraduate and postgraduate research students.
  • UK-based University of Portsmouth has come up with scholarship plans for Indian students to cover the first-year fee.
  • The New Zealand’s University of Auckland has approved a fee waiver for its research students 

Myth#6: International Student Support and Welfare, not materialized..

This is FALSE…

This is The truth -

Well..Well..Well.. – The concerned authorities of developed nations are more concerned that even beyond our thinking process owing to economic development – International students bring onboard?


Here’s how Countries have been responding spontaneously:

In due course – The tertiary education sector from these nations, catering to international students have already deployed proactive measures and are working hard to support the health, well being, and academic success of international students, even during these hard times..

And, you won’t believe that for this purpose specifically to safeguard best interests of international students – Governments have prudently created portals highlighting updates and measures, they have been taking from time to time.

Portals for reference..

Source – Quora answer

And then, the support doesn’t just extend from national level – Support packages have also been created from state levels also in countries like Australia.

Here’s few references –

  • Australian Capital Territory (ACT) – The Red Cross will also work with tertiary institutions to provide $150,000 in ACT Government support to international students who have been impacted by COVID-19 and fallen onto financial hardship.
  • South Australia – A new $13.8 million support package for international students as part of the Community & Jobs Support Fund has been launched to support international students currently residing in the state and facing financial hardship as a result of COVID-19.

Likewise, These support packages have been designed to support the international students facing hardships during such unimaginable times.

Such hardship fund have been engineered to help keep vulnerable international students afloat during the crisis.

With coronavirus infections dramatically down and plans afoot to significantly open the Australian economy, the Australian government has announced a pilot project to bring back international students to some universities as soon as July.2020
[Source – ICEF]

Unfavorable impacts if you fall prey to myths and misinformation..

Firstly – there isn’t any medicine or VACCINE discovered till date to cure negative vibes or falling prey to “unworthy” myths – only you can CONTROL it yourself by changing your mindset and most importantly, trust your “inner instincts”


Just think in this manner as the pandemic unfolds – What will happen if you fall prey to these myths?

Let me answer this – it could be detrimental to your education and career goals or to put it in absolute term – future prospects!

Here’s how :

1. Changing Immigration Rules and Regulations may Turn Unfavourable

After the onset of COVID-19, many countries are introducing immigration-friendly policies for economic revival. You could miss this opportunity if you delay or call off your plan to study abroad, maybe – for another year or even later…

For instance, I wish to cite some examples supporting the above viewpoint:

A complete overhaul of how Canada processes immigration applications is in the works as the government braces for post-pandemic demand for migration to Canada.
– Source

2. Educational Gap

Are you ready to take a one-year hiatus in your education journey? Would you be fine to see your peers move abroad for higher studies and leap forward to new milestones while you stay back in India? If your answer is no, then you need to rethink your decision.

3. Procrastination shaping up with prolonged time..

Source – Instant gratification monkey (firm believer in procrastination) fleeing away when panic monster arrives

Today it is COVID-19, tomorrow it could be some other issue. If you keep putting off your decision to explore international study opportunities when things get better, you are losing valuable time – which would OBVIOUSLY not come back..

Do you know that still 91% of Indian students are firm with their original plan to study in an international university and move abroad within the next 6-10 months?

So – Get going with pursuing world-class studies taking long term BENEFITS into consideration..and don’t wait for MUCH better opportunity or panic monster as shown above – might catch hold of you 🙂

Now, the question is whether you are among this 91% or the rest.. If still not, Would love to hear your thoughts in the “comment section” below..

How to Power Your study abroad dreams?

Before even delving further with this topic, I would like to ask you –

Would you want to study and bring your career prospects to the NEXT level while also, having a sense of being – the safest on the planet and not confront deadly virus diseases?

Remember – Peace of mind is most important if you want to really succeed in your life..

If yes with moving to the NEXT level – Read further :

Let me bring these important facts which would certainly level up your mindset to know that you would be LANDING in one of safest nations in the world who have done a commendable job with flattening the Covid-19 curve subject to choosing them as your preferred study destination :

  • Australia has been declared as one of ‘Safest Place in the World’ as the nation has already managed to contain pandemic with some states having flattened the curve to “NULL” stage and the Govt. is already planning to open borders for International students as early as July.20
  • New Zealand declared itself to be Virus-Free although, some few -2-3 cases have sprung up quite recently but still considering the magnitude of cases across other nations – It is really QUITE safe..

Here – we are back now to this parent topic..

Now – you need to make the best of the opportunities available to you at present, albeit even slowly and gradually till the border restrictions also get lifted with time and then, aligning with the myth busters..

1. Get past – First stepping stone for Immigration pathways

Yes – You heard it right! IELTS or PTE English proficiency tests are ACTUALLY the stepping stone to head your Visa application in right direction..

Computer delivered tests [CD-IELTS] AND PTE Test centers are re-opening gradually across India and it remains undisputed that giving English Proficiency tests is quite necessary if you want to attain “Successful Visa grant” without much hassles..

And getting minimum band scores is the key for smooth immigration pathways – as these widely recognized tests are the “first pre requisite” to get an offer letter from college/university or to be eligible for Study Visa requirements.

You can appear for these tests and speed up your visa process to Australia, New Zealand, Canada and other countries. Book your consultation for online test preparation now!

And then – Usually, it would usually take around 1-5 months to prepare seamlessly for IELTS or PTE although, time frame for preparation would depend upon varied factors outlined in quora answer given by us.

2. Eligibility check

In view of Covid-19 border restrictions – Visa application processing times are certainly longer than usual so meanwhile, you can always have your documents organized after having your eligibility checked by us ..

Thereafter, You can relish concierge service – Watch your documentation, drafting, and rest of the process being done, ensuring everything to be clear of common mistakes  — a dedicated team member from Fly2victory will help make sure your forms and documents are being set alright!

And then – As per 21st century trend, We will file your application online after rigorous proofreading on timely basis. Always remember that constructive documentation, drafting and proofreading is a time consuming and complex process..

In simple terms : Faster the Visa filing, more the chances for “Acceptance”

Here’s why:

This would enable to not deter your file with DELAYS and then, get lost in pile of papers at a later stage not serving any tangible purpose as the Case officer would pay much attention after “Quota” for specific year – international students has been attained..

Applications being accepted in the early SLOTS have higher chances of acceptance owing to a fixed quota system which has been decided on prior basis by immigration departments.

3. And then, powering your Study abroad dreams would lead to..

Making your pathways LUMINOUS for Permanent Residency..

“International students are also often excellent candidates to apply to remain in Canada permanently, with nearly 54,000 former students becoming permanent residents in Canada in 2018.”
– Forbes

Henceforth, Considering the above stats from 2018 – the figures for more International students becoming permanent residents are bound to grow, thereby, giving you permanent exposure to the vibrant and developed economy..

So certainly – amidst Covid-19, This is also an opportune time to think about a permanent residency plan which in turn has long-term benefits for your professional career and your spouse/dependents.

Connecting the dots : Here’s how studying abroad will get you ready for Permanent Residency?


Permanent residency road map usually starts with student visa 》going over towards attaining Post graduate work permit 》making way easier to get the desired points for the invitation to apply for Permanent residency with foreign work experience..

And then – not to forget, Your application will resonate more with local employers in developed countries if you gain foreign experience..

An international experience will make you a confident, social, understanding individual with great organisational skills…and that means people will want to hire you!”

And no matter your current circumstances, it’s never too late to adjust your mindset and bring positivity at the very outset- you need to take to become a high achiever and live an enriching life..

So, Where’s the wait…then?

Our tie-up with MARA agent will make your visa filing process easy and uncomplicated with seamless documentation. We will ensure that your application is strong and convincing enough for the case officer to grant you a successful visa for Australia, New Zealand, Canada or the UK. 

Nonetheless, You can always take advantage of favorable immigration rules, in force amidst Covid-19, and start with your Study Visa application – apply for Winter intake -2021 when it is strongly anticipated that border restrictions will be lifted for the particular student segment by then..

As, Some universities are even giving international students the option to defer their courses to the next semester or year.

Incase, Your mind refute the facts put across by me – let me know in the comment section below and I would be glad to clarify any sort of doubts

Post-Study Work Rights explored for International Students after graduation

featured -image

 You get lot of perks with an international degree.

The biggest one which resonates with most international students is Post-study work rights…which allows options like stay back, privileges’ to look for work in the country after you graduate and even, create your PR pathways!

And then, there’s more for you with Post study work rights…

The post-study work rights bring several benefits to international students such as:

  • Gaining easy access to the employment market in the study abroad destination
  • Bridge the future pathways to Permanent Residency (PR)
  • Boost career prospects through international job experience
  • Recoup financial expenses incurred in international education
  • Avail work rights also for dependents (spouse)

So, It is simply implausible (failing to convince) by now seeing the benefits above, as to why Post-study right is SO important…

I know that Post-study work rights are always eye-catchy for most student aspirants owing to several benefits you get…

But are you taking the right steps to reach the stage when you will get Post-study work rights Visa or still blindly following catchy headlines or visuals: such as “Study in Australia and get 4 years work visa.”?

Here’s why you need to know the “fine prints/details” i.e. appended rules and regulations tied to such Visa type so that you don’t struggle at a later stage. I will cover all this in this blog post.

So, let’s get started…


At the very outset – Australia has 2 types of post-study work rights options originating from a temporary graduate visa.

And with these 2 types, you get the dawned advantage to not portray: work experience, English language requirement, Financial requirement when applying, although conditions may vary from case to case!

Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485)

This Visa type is one of the most popular visa options for international students after you graduate.  Now, here’s two different streams – Graduate Work Stream and Post-Study Work Stream.

Graduate Work Stream

  • Temporary visa up to 18 months
  • Primarily applies to vocational courses
  • But, With this Visa stream – alongwith the easy leverages, here comes the most crucial aspect : Work must be related to the course you studied.

In a nutshell, This visa is for international students who have recently graduated with skills and qualifications that are relevant to specific occupations i.e. which are in demand by Australian labour market.

Also, you would be required to assessed by a relevant assessing authority in regards to skills being suitable for the respective occupation.

Post-Study Work Stream

  • Goes for a duration of 2 to 4 years, depending upon your location and on the highest educational qualification they have obtained
  • Graduates from regional institutions get extra 1-2 years over the usual duration
  • Must have completed undergraduate or postgraduate level studies at a CRICOS-registered institution

Now, this Visa is mostly opted for by most Indian international students.

And then, Australia recently announced that it will extend post-study work visa rights to foreign students who have studied and lived in regional areas (outside Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne) wef 2021.

Here is a snapshot glance of region-wise categories for more clarity:

Source – SBS Punjabi

Fine prints review

Although the Australian Government has kept the Post-study work rights policy intact and consistent over the past several years with no such withdrawals, there are certain limitations that could put you at a disadvantage if you don’t do your planning in a proper way…

Here’s the points to be taken care off :

  1. You are required to complete a minimum of two academic years of study which is defined as 92 weeks of study by the Department of home affairs, Australia
  2. Completion of a Bachelor’s degree or higher is solely considered for the Post-study work stream and not diploma or trade qualifications.
    Although, you always have the option of doing packaged/combined courses for completing a tenure of 92 weeks as mandated.
    Example: Starting with the diploma course which provides a pathway into undergraduate programs for students who would otherwise not meet the entry requirements of the undergraduate program.
  3. English language courses or foundation programs cannot be counted towards 92 weeks of academic study.

How the opportunity lies in Australia for your best graduate outcome?

One cannot escape the fact of wage factor which is the GREATEST OPPORTUNITY after you complete your study in Australia:

Australia has the highest minimum wage in the world which truly gives international graduates edge over others…

Yet, I know that a cohort of international student aspirants with some, relying on myths say that Australia is too tough with their PR policies.

But, I would suggest seeing it from another perspective: Australia’s Migration Program settings are designed to ensure that migration is beneficial for the current and future economic and social development of Australia.

Then, here’s key statistics from the abs website for the year ending 30 June 2020 also to put weight on my words:

You will see that the migration population has increased over the years in Australia.

This is all due to overseas skilled workers playing an important role in the economic growth of Australia.

So, Australia plans to take it big with increasing overseas migration population in the near future also!

Henceforth, you can always reach your PR goal through Post-study work rights until and unless you are well equipped with all information such as: which course type/location etc would be most appropriate etc?

Source : Above extract from deloitte report

Also, if you are not paying attention to the above information/extract being cited above (just an example) and not even doing research on your own about future employability prospects related to the course you plan to pursue- you are aiming to get TOSSED from the very beginning.

I have pulled some important statistics from a popular report in the example above!

There are several example like the one above. All it takes is adequate guidance or advice from competent professional if you are unable to do it yourself.

Here’s how you should actually aim to seek opportunity :

You should always plan to graduate by going for a course being aligned for future professional prospects in which the current/future occupation trends or possibilities could be seen.

Instead, you should not be more FOCUSSED towards:

  1. Saving money in the initial phase itself, where most of the students attempt to bring down tuition fees by studying in any XYZ institutions.
  2. Relying on short-sighted half baked information with unreliable limited course options, where you are being shown easy pathways just for the sake of getting a student visa grant and not being shown viable graduate outcome out of a specific course/program!

Or, You could be VICTIMIZED by staying unemployed or not finding suitable employment, to recoup your financial implications made so far – ever since you blindly relied upon some random advice and did not even attempt to make efforts towards doing research at your end.

On the contrary, Aim for :

  1. Quality education/appropriate course mapping with work-integrated learning
  2. University/college offering further options to become job-ready with career development centres alike Bond University
  3. Double degree programs making you more versatile with dual skillsets to rely on and much more..
  4. Pursuing a course with the most appropriate education provider that offers its students to just help you find, not just a job, but a meaningful, rewarding and challenging career.
  5. Most important: Hiring a professional consultant/agent for an end to end services including course mapping etc who can actually provide results.
    He/she should be the one who can actually bring in more money than they cost.

Always remember : Getting a degree is only half the story: infact, you have to work appropriately and seamlessly keeping a progressive approach to transform your qualifications.

For transformation of qualifications into well-defined employment with PSWR and PR: you should answer few questions below and see if you actually get more realistic answers:

  • Did you opt for the right course/program which is future career-ready?
  • Does the course align with the demand forecast for a specifically skilled workforce or medium-term occupation list or any other occupation list being published from time to time?
  • Have you learned to navigate the labour/employment market?

Don’t move ahead with just your student visa application until and unless you get realistic answers.

This homework will go a long way in defining you to be the professional you want to become!

Although, question-related to navigation of labour/employment market can be taken at a later stage also when you start off with your studies in Australia.

Lastly, Australia is a thriving economy with education ranked#1 in the world. The country offers many opportunities for international student graduates to gain valuable work experience on completion of their studies.


Well – Canada has the most versatile and FLEXIBLE post-study work rights program, which goes on to be extended for even short courses like diploma or certificate programs and not just bachelors or masters

Even 8 months duration course from the undergraduate or postgraduate program can make you eligible to apply for 1-year PGWP (herewith referred to as Post study work rights)

Canada offers a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) to its international students who have completed at least an 8-month duration graduate study program from a recognized Canadian institute. You have to apply for PGWP within 180 days after receiving the final marks. You can read more about the PGWP application process and criteria here.

Interestedly, Canada has the highest count for providing opportunities for eligible graduates to attain permanent residence.


As you have to know about Post-study work rights for both Australia and Canada, let me quickly enlighten you with the ACTUAL importance and tell you why it has always worked well to attract several international students:

Earlier in 2011, Most aspirants had been taken aback when favorite study destination like the UK removed post-study work duration at JUST four months in 2011 and this is where – the unforeseen occurred then :

As a result, the number of Indian students attending UK universities underwent a dramatic decline, from just under 30,000 in 2011-12 to just over 16,000 in 2016-17.

And then, now see what happened when UK restored this policy back?

The above facts and figures had clearly signified the adverse impact with degrowth which went on for several years with curbing down of such crucial rights, and thereafter, the current UK govt. had decided to restore the policy with introduction of Post study work visa for 2 years

And yes, International student applicants have literally skyrocketed after that for UK – even amidst Covid-19

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) found that Indian nationals accounted for 17 per cent of the total 299,023 sponsored study visas granted by the UK Home Office in the year ending March 2020, with the number more than doubling from 2019 to hit a total of 49,844 grants a continuous rise since 2016.
– Indian express

So – At BROADER level, All the major study destinations have an option to work after graduation in their country, and not just this, All such countries have introduced reforms for covering online study duration towards work visa now, still making it the core reason to study abroad!

Post study work rights is going to live on for another couple of years – as a result…