Frequently asked questions in immigration world

Here we have tried to cover commonly asked questions including studying, skilled migration, or visitor visa related. We have even endeavored to touch questions related to English Proficiency tests such as IELTS, PTE or CD-IELTS.

Immigration basics

Well – Documents vary on case to case and the type of Visa you wish to opt for. Infact, there are times when we have to go beyond usual checklist for procurement of several other documents so as to strengthen case profile in the eyes of immigration officer.

Most of the times, We usually go beyond usual checklist for documents to get you a SUCCESSFUL Visa Grant!

Why not? We LOVE keeping eveything transparent by meeting our clients or prospects even before we get started with the process – ensuring they are well accustomed to our steps and methodology being adopted. Moreover, You should know exactly as to how we would be going around your Case.

Also, We would really like you to know our step by step approach as outlined on homepage

For now, We are primarily focusing on Australia, Canada and UK for skilled migration, study and other relative Visas ever since, as per our findings and research – we have seen most of the people from India prefer these countries for pursuing their further dreams.

For study Visa, We have also extended our wings for European nations.

Info. related to IELTS or PTE test prep

Giving English Proficiency tests such as IELTS or PTE – play a vital role in making your Immigration pathways easier as this is even prerequisite requirement by all English native countries. Infact, This is especially critical if you are looking to work or study in an English-speaking country where English language skills are essential.

Good question? It is not actually so easy to prepare with handful of resources at your disposal. Many resources = Getting overwhelmed and stressed easily! 

Then, Ask yourself another question – Can you give 12th Exam without any coaching and just studying from free resources available on internet? 

The answer is Obviously NO!

Replacing a guidance from professional is actually irreplaceable and this is where we step in to guide you in right direction with our structured study plan or other methodology as outlined in this answer

Well – there isn’t “One size fits all” solution to this. Ultimately, There can be just vague or wild guessing for this question as timeframe is more attributed towards varied factors.

The time frame can vary anywhere from 1 to 5 months or even few weeks for an expert user..

To get more insights – view our expert answer on Quora

Now, Don’t ever start directly with practice tests – random learning where you are also not sure where and how you are heading and you will end up committing similar mistakes again and again with no improvements..

Instead, We highly recommend to start by knowing some golden nuggets to help you ACE the IELTS or in laymen terms, some core principles are here to help you find success.

Here is the hierarchy structure to get started :

  1. Know the core test structure
  2. Know how you will be marked (Scoring system)
  3. Then, Know the core principles for each modules – Reading, Listening, Speaking and writing.
  4. Start with “structured study plan” in place making your study aligned with “SMART” acronym which stands for “specific,” “measurable,” “attainable,” “relevant,” and “time-bound.”

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