4 Top Reasons Why Online English Tests will still remain the future for immigration in 2021?

Here, We will talk about Computer Delivered IELTS, IELTS Indicator, Duolingo and Pearson test of English (PTE) which are considered the primary English proficiency test requirement to migrate to developed countries like Australia, Canada or UK
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The fact remains undisputed that Covid-19 again with widespread lockdown has taken everyone back by surprise – seeing the restrictive change in lifestyle, the standard of living etc.

However, Irrespective of the stringent guidelines imposed by almost all countries – Tech companies still continue to spread their wings and grow even MORE because of increasing demand for online trends…

Amazingly, Such online trends will continue to grow even after the Post-Pandemic period as also said by Forbes

Luckily, in a post-COVID-19 world, technology will be able to help companies and people adapt to the lasting operational, behavioral and psychological changes brought on by the pandemic.


And GUESS what – Who are the major beneficiary?

None other than the test takers – who would know how to work on computers or even do basic typing. Here’s why :

  • They will be able to give online English tests – like the IELTS indicator or Duolingo from the “comfort” of their home
  • Even when lockdown is lifted, they are good to go and give Computer Delivered tests such as IELTS or PTE in dedicated test centres, and not like remote ones- we have for paper-based IELTS

Here’s the main benefit these test-takers will get– if they are able to get the desired band score ASAP?

Their FIRST stepping step towards fulfilling Immigration requirements will already be set and done.

Here’s how: the sooner you get your desired band score, the faster you should be able to move on further with your English entry requirement asked by most institutes abroad…and then, obviously- there won’t be much left to start with Visa filing application!

Also, Here’s some great news..

Online English tests like the IELTS indicator are already being widely accepted now by colleges and educational institutes in Canada, UK or Australia – the list is increasing and our most recent Facebook post with stats from the official IELTS indicator site, also testify this point ⬇️


In this post, I’m also going to show you how Online English tests are becoming increasingly popular and going to be the FUTURE for getting your Immigration process to speed up including studying, skilled migration or settling abroad.

And yes- you are getting this well-researched information from a test-taker who is none other than me – who has given all 3 tests from 2019 onwards- PTE, Computer Delivered IELTS and Duolingo in short time span and got Proficient English Score 🙂

In other words: these Computer-delivered or online tests are going to be a path breaker for the 21st century.

Now, Let’s dive now right in to know the primary reasons :

Computer Delivered Test centers have started to open now!

Test centers for both PTE and CD-IELTS are opening now in most of the cities – henceforth, your DREAMS for unlocking your global career can now be seen happening..



Social gathering (larger) won’t be allowed for
adequate time..



Duolingo (Online) English Test popularity



IELTS transition to Online Platform (CD-IELTS and then, IELTS Indicator)..



– Colleges shifting to online classes
– Chances of educational gap, Bad habit building building over time..
– Motivational levels going down.

Reason #1: Social gathering (larger) isn’t going to be allowed sooner or later

I will start from the earlier stages when Covid-19 erupted…

Did we see any announcement by any of the developed nations including Australia, US, Canada, UK saying to allow large social gatherings even when lockdown has started to get eased?

The answer is clear – NO.

When most of the countries across the world announced lockdown – the first precautionary measures that came into effect were face coverings and social distancing so every measure is devoid of keeping larger group gathering at bay.

Logically – Recent announcements have emphasized just to not allow large group gathering as part of social distancing where most of the places or businesses which might increase the widespread by way of larger gatherings have been told strict “no”.

Henceforth, Large group gatherings will be the first thing not to be ALLOWED at any costs!

Even, Australia, which is one of the “safest nation” has allowed gatherings to gradually increase, yet not allowing large numbers…

I had referred above to the country which has seen the growth rate of new coronavirus cases shrink MOST significantly and India is way ahead in terms of Covid-19 case numbers.

And even when businesses are allowed to re-open such as ones that conduct paper-based IELTS, several rules/regulations may apply which could certainly be discouraging for the test-takers who are inclined to take Paper-based IELTS…

Mostly, Paper-based IELTS is conducted at fixed places so most of the test-takers travel from distant places. So, coming from a far away place and then, seeing disappointments like test cancellation, test rescheduled would be worrying!

Will larger gatherings disallowance affect Paper-based IELTS – remote centres?

Yes – It will and here are the major reason or hurdle, in other terms –


More regulatory norms will be there..

  • Remote test centres for Paper-based IELTS are usually held in larger halls, preferably Hotels. Now for holding such test-type events – Hotels will need to comply with several norms put in place by the local authorities.
    Such rented spaces are usually chosen by the Co-owners as they can accommodate at least 300+ test-takers in one go – ever since Paper-based IELTS are deemed to be getting conducted twice a month.

  • And then, with lockdown imposed again in India, hotels are still not exempted from opening up. And, the irony is no one knows when this will reinstate? Now, this clearly signifies that places that might be prone to larger gatherings will not be given leverage by the Indian Govt. so quickly.

Also – If we see it clearly from another perspective, IDP and the British Council “Co-owners of IELTS” have also started to transform and enhance. They launched Computer-delivered IELTS way back in 2018.

And since then, with more test dates and several other advantages such as less recurring expenditure they have to bear, with hassle-free management etc – they have been PROMOTING this test format now more than ever.

And with Covid-19 situation, The promotion levels have increased further which is another optimistic sign…

Reason #2: Duolingo (Online) English Test popularity

One will be amazed to see the increase in trend in Duolingo search volume (seen below) in just a matter of the last few months – which did not even see the light of day earlier from SO many years!

And, The popularity for Duolingo has come up after the test opened up as an “accepted” English test for several institutions amidst Covid-19…

The popularity amongst test-takers still hasn’t faded and keeps increasing day by day.

Now, here are some core reasons for Duolingo getting popular..


Now, if you see the numbers of colleges and educational institutes in Canada or the United Kingdom, already accepting Duolingo for availing “Offer Letter” – You will see astonishing figures which have certainly skyrocketed from last year 2020 since lockdown got imposed first:

  • 139+ Colleges/universities accepting in Canada
  • 40+ in United Kingdom

Then, Duolingo is way easier than IELTS or PTE..

The question which strikes most of the test takers specifically, when India has MAXIMUM non-native English speakers is –

“Do we have any alternative to IELTS or PTE as they are quite tough to get desired band score – usually 6+ for increasing your chances for getting admission in reputable college?”

So, Here this is – undoubtedly the real alternative which is much easier to score and then, it won’t be exhausting because the whole test gets completed in just less than 1 hour.

Duolingo vs. IELTS score comparison

To affirm the point of Duolingo being easier to score – See the Equivalency table below and you will see that if even if you score 100+ in Duolingo, You have already got the desired band score ever since it will be equal to 6+ IELTS band score – Amazing, Isn’t it?

And then – Obviously, This will make your journey easier for securing an Offer letter from renowned colleges…

Source – Duolingo official site

Reason #3: IELTS transition to Computer-Delivered and then, to IELTS Indicator (Online) test


IELTS took everyone by surprise in 2018 when they introduced their cloud-based test – Computer-delivered IELTS (herewith referred to as “CD-IELTS”) and then, there has been no looking back – only, SURGE and SURGE in terms of technological advancements by the Co-owners.

Now, you might be wondering if there are ACTUAL tangible benefits for giving such tests on Computers? Well, there are ample benefits out of which I wish to name a few –

  1. Reading module – Copy & paste functionality+Easy reading viewer
  2. Note taking+highlighting functionality
  3. Writing – Word count + No handwriting worries+ Easy to edit
  4. Review option
  5. Personalized settings
  6. Less test-takers = Near to null noise or distractions
  7. Much more test dates
  8. Faster test results turnaround – 4-5 days

Wanting to know more in context to advantages?

Then, Came IELTS indicator amidst Covid-19 pandemic in 2020..

“IELTS Indicator is our new online Academic test designed to support you during the COVID-19 situation to help keep your education goals on track.”
IELTS Indicator official site

You might be even worried if IELTS indicator is something new “out of the box”? Whether it is distinguishable from previous IELTS?

Don’t worry! It is not different..

In fact, IELTS indicator is a revolutionary online test which has expanded further from CD-IELTS henceforth it is quite SIMILAR to CD-IELTS.

Therefore, handling the real environment is going to be easier for you if you have given Computer-delivered IELTS or have been practicing IELTS module questions online.

Only speaking will differ a bit…

Speaking is going to be only different here in IELTS indicator – which will be not person to person like seen in the usual IELTS test, although, basic strategies and methodology to be deployed are going to be same for success!

Here’s the main difference – You will be simply interacting with the examiner via Zoom video conferencing.

But, there is a caveat as per the official statement on IELTS indicator site –

“The Academic test is available for a limited time while IELTS testing is currently suspended due to COVID-19… ” so we can take it with much firm mindset that CD-IELTS will take dominance again over Paper-based IELTS owing to large gathering restrictions and others which I had shared earlier in this post..

How can it be said that CD-IELTS is still going to be the future?

Well – there are clear signs that offline test centres might not see their light of day so easily. Check them out below :

  1. Seeing the current pandemic situation
  2. Measures being taken by the Indian Government to contain widespread
  3. No places yet being ordered to open which can invite large group gatherings

And then – CD-IELTS test centers have been constructed to accommodate around 20-50 test-takers at ONE GO so this much gathering is still being allowed on a gradual basis!

Reason #4:
– Colleges shifting to online classes
– Chances of educational gap, Bad habit building building over time..
– Motivational levels going down..

I know that I have added several reasons in “Single package- Reason #4” but couldn’t refrain from doing so ever since all are linked to each other.

Let me explain HOW –

Online classes linked to cover up for Educational gaps and other benefits..

Most of the colleges are almost ready whilst, some getting ready to start their fall semesters without undue delays and then GUESS what – there is government support also coming from all sphere like Postgraduate Work Permit which is referred to as “Work after study” in layman terms announced to cover the course even taken through online learning.

Such bonafide measure would squarely help the international students who are not able to make it to destination college for studying owing to border restrictions which can be either ways – origin or destination as their semesters would still remain in continuity through online learning.

Educational gap can be created..

The reason for major surge and interest in Online English tests is also to overcome the inevitable Education gap..

In case, you are not aware about the adverse consequences what education gap will bring – Read on :

Did you know that colleges and universities check for education gap aspect when reviewing application of student? And if they find that the gap is not justified with clear documentary evidences – this would cause impediment for your offer letter grant!

Educational gap going beyond one year or beyond, can certainly cause obstacles from very beginning so why to even let it happen for a chance? Why would you want your application to become :

  • lengthy
  • redundant with so many statements
  • boring
  • unconvincing

for the sake of justifying educational gaps, then?

Infact, Adding SO much details would also not help the college application reviewer and might have his focus diverted from other important points which would actually add credibility to your profile, making it MUCH easier for the college application reviewer to grant you Offer letter…

Chance of developing Bad habit – Procrastination

I would not go much into nitty-gritty here..

Firstly, Let’s know the meaning of Procrastination-

In layman terms, It is – “The action of delaying or postponing something”
– Search Google for “Procrastination”

By watching this video above – you will get to know the ill effects of procrastination 🙂

Always remember – Time never stops and will never come back. In the last, we are only left with REGRETS!

I am sure that by watching the video above – you will be able to relate it pretty well with your Career advancements as to how much delaying or procrastination would hurt in the longer run.

With Procrastination – Motivational levels will crash..

Yes – You will require to stay motivated for giving IELTS indicator or Duolingo even when all of the test centres are shut or

Motivational levels will go crashing with you being victimized by procrastination or even further – regrets ):

Still not motivated during these uncertain times?

Get to read this article which would strengthen you mentally (for sure)


In the light of legit reasons given above supported with facts – there is no deniable truth that Online English tests are the FUTURE (Adding quick summary below to corroborate)

  • With so many colleges already accepting IELTS Indicator and Duolingo as English language Proficiency Requirements amid Covid-19 lockdown
  • Seeing the way, IELTS have been transformed with CD-IELTS and NOW, they are also primarily focussed onto promoting CD-IELTS as much as possible..
  • PTE already in place – which had origin from being Computer-based from the VERY BEGINNING..

Are you still not convinced that Online English tests will be the future? – ever since Paper based IELTS has been much more comfortable and ALWAYS popular amongst test takers.

Let me know in the comments below WHY you still feel Paper based IELTS won’t fade away 🙂

Stay strong and motivated!

It is easy to get swayed by all the negative vibes the coronavirus pandemic has caused in our everyday lives – as a result, we forget how in times of crisis there presents an opportunity for human kindness to reveal itself..

“Remember – We are all in the same storm, but we are not on the same boat.
It is now or never and such uncertain times haven’t come for the first time and economies have been able to recoup back even stronger in the past also as said by as also said by Thelin – A university research professor at the University of Kentucky

Frequently asked questions

Yes! It will be accepted but do remember that you can solely give IELTS Academic with IELTS indicator. So if you are applying for a Permanent Residency or visa related to working abroad, you will require to give IELTS General for which you will require to give in remote test centres.

Yes! there is a possibility if you have an individual band score of 5.5 in 1-2 modules although, it is the sole discretion of the admission officer in specific colleges or universities.

And it would also depend upon the course you apply for.

Usually, the English language proficiency requirement is always given on the courses page on the official sites of colleges/universities under “English entry requirements”.

However, It is always appropriate to have a minimum 6.0 band score which is also mentioned for the popular Student Direct Stream (SDS) program by Canada for a study permit.

There are several points to support this standpoint such as

  1. Reading – Copy & paste functionality+Easy reading viewer
  2. Note taking+highlighting functionality
  3. Writing – Word count + No handwriting worries+ Easy to edit = this is the NICHE advantage..
  4. No page flipping
  5. Review option
  6. Personalized settings on computer for easy viewing

Although, It is more about personal preferences as to which test taker prefers as the content (difficulty, time frame, number of questions, question types etc) are similar in both – IELTS computer-delivered – herewith referred to as “CD-IELTS” and IELTS paper-based.

Yes, You can ever since all the official immigration sites – Australia, Canada or United kingdom are already accepting Online Visa Applications.

Well – It is more about asking your “Inner instincts” and ask these questions to yourself:

  1. What it is going to be be studying abroad?
  2. How it will raise your learning experience?
  3. Why is it essential for your future?
  4. How study abroad will uplift your employment chances?

And – If you are getting a positive response – go Ahead or, if you are unsure currently, get your profile accessed for now and then, apply for future intakes i.e.when the conditions are favourable.

It is actually easy to get distracted or overwhelmed during such unprecedented times of Covid-19.

  1. Firstly, Do not get overwhelmed or put too much pressure which could even result in anxiety. Instead, Keep the end goal into mind and remember that acing this test is one of the most important stepping stone for immigration pathways.
  2. Then, Practice self-compassion which is extending compassion to one’s self in instances of perceived inadequacy, failure, or general suffering. You should not get carried away by negative vibes.
  3. Follow a structured study plan by enrolling with us which already has the ingredients to get 80% results with 20% efforts.

To know more – Read our Facebook post

As of currently, Canadian educational institutes have outnumbered others. Already 139+ institutes in Canada are accepting the online Duolingo test.

Yes, The major surge in popularity has been due to it being way easier than other equivalent English language Proficiency tests and then, it can be given from the comfort of your home. Not to forget, it is very cost-effective in comparison with IELTS/PTE

No. Not at all! In fact, It is the easiest amongst all other English tests, subject to you being able to handle a bit of complexity because you will face questions coming from all four modules – Reading, listening, speaking and writing at one go…

Yes, As many times, however, why take a chance and spend a hefty amount by retaking it again and again? Also, You cannot expect DIFFERENT results if you are committing similar mistakes again and again with no proper review or improvement upon them.

Instead, We always prefer to have you get the desired band score in one go by:

  • Following structured study plan even for online english tests
  • Not repeat similar mistakes again and again after referring to stats and VALUABLE data from score analyzer made precisely for this purpose.
  • Precisely know your strong and weak areas for each module types.
  • Make it easier for our trainers to work on the weaknesses with score insights, checklists and assessments
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