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You are good to go for Pearson test of English (PTE) if you have good typing speed, applying for countries like Australia, New Zealand or UK.

And then, you should be able to score way higher in this. getting your Visa grant chances to increase expeditiously - as it is way easier than widely recognized tests like IELTS..
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test In one go

Unlike other tests, you get to complete your test in a single day. No more much of waiting!

Quick results

Superfast exam results - 2-3 days (even within 48 hours) = Enabling you to have faster Visa process

L+R easier

Yes - Listening+Reading is way easier than IELTS so you get the scoring edge

Unbiased marking

Ever since test is marked completely by computer - you cannot be victimized by unbiased marking

How our PTE Preparation institute can help with test prepation?

Finest social proof

Our Co-founder getting proficient english band score in both PTE and CD-IELTS (Computer delivered) in first attempt. Amazingly, Both tests being computer delivered were given in short time span of just 2 months.

Structured study plan..

You cannot expect random test preparation from us like others..

We wont make you jump DIRECTLY into regular study sessions without even accessing your strength and weaknesses – We will follow the plan outlined here

Stress Free and
Quality learning

We have changed the teaching pattern all together for imparting PTE coaching where we have set the threshold to just 20 students (maximum) in one classroom with an aim to provide quality education coupled with proper attention from the faculty.


Score analyzer and assessment checklist

We have deployed strategic approach to monitor and access weaknesses on timely basis by way of score analyzer and comprehensive checklist – keeping a regular check on your progress!

Steps to
reach milestone

Following the steps outlined, coupled with methodology being adopted by us (outlined above) is bound to clear your PTE test in one go*

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This would help us to understand your profile and assist you much better in your immigration path

Evaluation test

To check your actual English levels which would enable us to decide your study plan aligning with the realistic levels.

Study _ Practice

We will identify your weaknesses, access, work on them and build a positive mindset which will start with introductory weeks and then PTE preparation course will follow!


Book your IELTS test with us and get ready to ACE the test and make your DREAMS come true - however, we will ensure to have you enroll after we get convinced with your growth!

Important resources

From the official PTE Site- Get to know the preparation path


Test taker handbook

Know exactly as to how test will be conducted on the test day and what will the test consists of?


Understand test scores

Know how and what basis are you going to be evaluated in real test for all modules?

Career Counselling gallery

Where we imparted Career Guidance focused on dreams & aspirations for studying abroad

you Asked, We answered!

These questions had come up from several aspirants whom we had joined us in our career counselling sessions conducted (photos above) in regards to giving these English proficiency test and studying abroad so we are pleased to answer them all here which should clear most of the doubts for several people who are planning to give this necessary test.

PTE Academic is accepted in all the major countries which are study hubs and looked upon by immigrants such as Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, and colleges in Canada.
  1. Very fast result turnaound – Quick decison making for further Visa Process
  2. Unbiased scoring and easy to score in comparison with IELTS
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No – Not at all. Infact, Whole test is conducted infront of computer

It is primarily owing to our demonstrated experience and following the appropriate methodology as told in above section. And then, Our Co-founder has himself given all three tests – PTE, CD-IELTS and Duolingo before foraying into this domain so he is going to be your ANCHOR throughout your test preparation journey.

Precisely, yes if we refer to comparison table below  : you will see that Scoring 65-75 is way easier in PTE and it is going to be very very tough to score 7.5+ in IELTS, in comparison

Score Comparison vs Other Tests for Researchers | PTE Academic

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