Study in Australia

Australia’s extraordinary quality education is limitless.

And with complete PACKAGED expertise coming under one roof in Rudrapur, Uttarakhand for student visa assistance, where your application will be looked upon by  Qualified Education Agent Counsellor (QEAC) and  Registered Migration Agent – Australia : Your student Visa application should certainly skyrocket aligned with newly updated and prevailing rules and regulations!

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And yes – as part of our professional and ethical conduct, We adhere to Code of Conduct and regulations as
mandated by Australia Department of Home Affairs.

Why study in

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Coming to Australia to study can be both an exciting and overwhelming experience for many students. And there are several points to support where you can:

Study at globally high ranked institutions

Get to study courses which are valued globally

Study at globally high ranked institutions

Gain work experience while you study

Gain foreign experience with Graduate Temporary Visa (Work after study)

Live and study in one of most safest nation

Open up many avenues of work opportunities

Avail higher standard of living with affordability, much in regional areas

Tailored services for every need

For student visa (sub class 500) – We offer services starting from admission assistance with course mapping keeping conversations organized : empowering students and their parents to help navigate the whole process more
confidently, rapidly, with affordability remaining the key factor!

Access to several higher education programs with us

Enjoy endless possibilites

If you are able to meet the criterion for education provider – college or university and then, secure excellent marks in 12th, We would be be good to secure enrolment letter (CoE) from prominent university with scholarship, henceforth, decreasing your financial liability, too.

Take finance control

With packaged courses

If your budget is bit low or cannot meet the entry requirements for specific program?

We can get your admission moving with packaged courses having lower tuition fees at initial phase and then, you can get to complete your principal course – final higher study for Bachelors/Masters in specific partnered University.

Lower IELTS score

Bridge with pathway possibility

Yes -Even, if you missed by certain .5 band on individual module basis in 1-2 modules, there is still POSSIBILITY and our extensive knowledge is here to aid you with further process.

Refusal case

Still a possibility..

We should be able to set your application in right path with our knowledge and expertise however, that would be subject to grounds as stated in Refusal letter. 

If you have been refused due to common reasons – owing to negligence or poor application drafting, We can certainly assist here to get your application on the right path.

Our niche service

GTE requirement


Flowchart for Visa lodgement till enrolment by us

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