Turning your abroad dreams into reality.

Fly2Victory is a registered ‘IT Driven immigration agency’ located in Rudrapur – Mini Punjab and offers end to end immigration service starting from English test preparation (PTE / IELTS) and going till Visa grant! Where – Professional expertise will be extended by team comprising of qualified education agent counsellor and Registered migration agent.

Our key Services

We don't settle just with the services below: there is more than this to offer. For now, you can explore our unique offerings below

PTE computer delivered Test preparation

All preparation based on computer and yes, it is way easier to score higher if you know how to work on computer.


CD-IELTS with Paper based IELTS preparation

For the first time in Rudrapur, We bring training for Computer delivered test – IELTS (CD-IELTS) to supplement usual IELTS – Pen and paper

Visa consultation

We are here to make everything easier for you with minimal paperwork, supplemented  by our online knowledge, experience and robust processes to help you navigate complex visa procedures

Visa Refusal assistance

Get your visa refusal circumvented next time when you apply with right course of action and gain your edge towards successful application.

Our expertise related to this – can clearly be explicated in our blog.. however, Visa reapply chances can vary from case to case

How we work?

Visa elegibility check

We don't just shoot in air without any records on hand and we are pretty sure - neither do the Immigration officer henceforth,we ask you first to answer simple questions online by way of assessment forms.

Evaluation report

Based upon your inputs in Step-1, Our in-house team of experts will evaluate in depth and thereafter, we will let you know about realistic prospects - enabling you to exactly know your chance or possibilities so that you are able to set realistic goals accordingly.

Visa type to go forth

After all the discussions and counselling part - Now, comes the important step which is where we tell you about the Visa type which we would be going forth as per your eligibility. After your consent- we move on to next phase..

Organize your documents

We provide the consolidated list of all docs required - you simply need to create a zipped file with all docs and mail it across.

Visa application > Filing

Now, you just need to sit back - sip your coffee and leave the rest to us! Watch your documentation, drafting, and rest of the process being done, ensuring everything to be clear of common mistakes..

Free Visa Eligibility check

Here, We would evaluate your profile strength which is the first step before we start further with next steps. You just need to answer simple questions in the form, by clicking respective "Country of interest" link below. That's it!

Note - Skilled Migration (PR) assessment is common for all. And yes, Preliminary assessment here is totally free..

Study visa eligibility check

Frequently asked questions

Yes! We truly understand you being skeptical ever since there are so many Immigration agents across India – some genuine and some providing falsified information – It all boils down to mind gobbling and being overwhelmed.

In the light of primary reason above, Certainly – This is the first question which will come to everyone’s mind. Before even entering into this consultation business, we have tied up with MARA Agent from Australia . We understand that Migration is a life-changing matter henceforth, we have endeavored to tie up with knowledgeable veterans from this sector to bolster your chances of success coupled with the demonstrated experience of Information technology – legal competence coming from our Co-Founder who has himself gained QEAC , Australia and Canada Course graduate certification

You can reach us via phone email . You’ll always talk to a real person when you contact us. Our service combines the convenience of technology with the dependability of real, live humans.

Our professional fees varies on case-to-case basis owing to it being service based work so it would certainly depend upon the complexity and other factors.

Nonetheless, We would keep everything clear, devoid of any ambiguity after you have filled the relevant assessment form and your profile gets assessed in preliminary stage.

These professional fees would cover your complete application package—including legal and customer support—from the moment you hand over your documents and other details – until your Visa filing.

Apart from the filing fees to govt and other costs such as tution fees, medical fees and other defined under Govt. checklist for relative countries, there are no additional or hidden costs involved.

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our services, we will fix the problem and if our concerned customer service team finds with unbiased view, legitimate reasons for service flaws, we provide a refund
*t&c apply

The primary reason – Not their native mother tongue!

So what – Firstly, You should be having positive mindset and give it a try at least once instead of falling prey to negative vibes. Follow the stages defined here and you might be coming out with flying colors.

And yes, We should remember that we are living in 21st century where we also have the option of giving online tests such as IELTS indicator or Duolingo which can be given from home also. 

You might be wondering at first sight to refrain from giving IELTS for the reasons of avoiding expenses and time.

No worries. Several prominent colleges across UK are welcoming student aspirants to apply without IELTS – subject to certain internal criteria fulfilment where mostly, students have atleast scored minimum 65% or more in the twelfth standard and they should possess excellent communication skills in English.

And the list extends till Australia to certain extent

For sure – Infact, our team with demonstrated experience would be able to introspect your profile and supporting documents so closely, making it devoid of any omissions or flaws, no mistakes being repeated- followed by comprehensive documentation that your application will get the right direction with us

You would love to read insightful information provided in this context by our Co-founder at Quora

With no prejudice – that would be utter injustice on our and your end if we are still filing your application manually. That would be like living in 19th Century 🙂

We stay inclined towards filing your application online. As a matter of fact, most of the countries solely accept online application nowadays.

We don’t just say – our actions also align with getting major success for the client when we got him successful Multiple Visa Grant (10 years) where all the filing process had been handled online.