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Get to know how Amandeep's score went from 70 to 79+

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Let Amandeep’s exceptional scores and long IT experience be a testament to his ability to
guide you relentlessly on your PTE journey.

With his structured and focused approach which made him achieve the desired band scores, you can achieve your desired score too with minimal effort. Amandeep knows what it takes to succeed – he has the right tips, tricks, and strategies that will propel you towards your goal effortlessly.

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Affordable Pricing, No Compromises

We believe that high-quality coaching should be accessible to all. Our competitive pricing ensures that you receive exceptional training without straining your budget.

Smart work more than hard work

Our tailored approach focuses on your unique strengths and weaknesses. We identify areas that need improvement, allowing you to optimize your preparation time effectively.

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there would be sessions coming directly from Amandeep that would include...

Discover the insider tips and techniques to master each module of the PTE exam. Amandeep will share proven strategies that can help you tackle the different sections effectively, saving you time and maximizing your score potential.

 Gain insights into the scoring patterns of the PTE exam. Amandeep’s in-depth understanding of the assessment criteria will enable you to identify the key areas that hold the most weight in scoring. With this knowledge, you can prioritize your preparation and focus on the core aspects that will significantly impact your overall score.

Practice makes perfect, but practicing the right topics is even more crucial. Amandeep will guide you in selecting the most relevant and high-yield topics to practice, ensuring that you familiarize yourself with the types of questions that commonly appear in the exam. 

Time is of the essence in the PTE exam. Amandeep will share effective time management strategies to optimize your performance within the given time limits. You’ll learn how to efficiently allocate your time to each section, ensuring that you complete all tasks and avoid unnecessary time pressure.

Benefit from Amandeep’s expertise in analyzing your practice tests and providing valuable feedback. We will pinpoint areas where you can improve and offer personalized guidance on how to enhance your performance. With his constructive feedback, you can fine-tune your skills and approach to achieve your target score.

Going beyond PTE journey

Amandeep & team can help..

We can guide you right on your education and career goals
Discover Your Path to success abroad here! As a certified education agent counselor for Australia and Canada, he can guide you towards the most appropriate course mapped with right university or college, unlocking future employment opportunities and setting you on the right path for a successful future.

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Amazing experience. The teachers here had been truly friendly and made me pretty comfortable to transition from paper based IELTS to computer delivered test like PTE. Moreover, they have great knowledge of PTE – providing you smarter insights as to how you can approach different questions types etc

Adarsh Raj Singh

When the company says that they are “IT driven immigration agency” – they truly mean it.
One agency and institute where you can actually feel that everything is being powered by technology- ranging from computer delivered test preparation alike PTE or CD-IELTS to Visa lodgement being done electronically

Gopi Bajwa

I attended one of their seminars and the information provided was quite insightful. I will definitely recommend it to others.

Jasmeet singh

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Most frequent questions and answers

To get started, simply book a 15-minute free consultation by filling out the form on our website. During the consultation, we will address any questions you have and provide detailed information about our coaching programs, pricing, and curated study plans tailored to your objectives.

No, we don’t! And also – if someone is trying to sell you the guarantee of a specific band score, we would strongly advise you to avoid that person, company, or agency.

Making such guarantees would be misleading because success in the PTE exam depends on factors which involve both the educator and efforts put in by student. At Fly2Victory, we don’t provide guaranteed band score, however, we assure you that with our guidance, your efforts, and dedication, we can work together towards achieving success in the PTE exam.

Absolutely! Being consulted by a certified education agent counselor can make a significant difference in your journey towards studying abroad. At Fly2Victory, we understand the importance of having expert guidance when it comes to mapping your education abroad and choosing the right course because it is matter of having trust and right advice and guidance with your hard earned money going in right direction.

No, it won’t! Our PTE coach will enlighten you on why it doesn’t. In fact, as our coach emphasizes, what matters more is how skillfully you navigate and handle the test structure. It’s not just about hard work; it’s about working smart and employing effective strategies to maximize your performance in the PTE exam.

Well. Yes – in several areas. PTE holds advantage such as :
1. No bias in scoring ever since you are accessed by computer
2. Integrated Skills Assessment: PTE assesses your skills across all four language components – reading, writing, listening, and speaking – in an integrated manner. This integrated approach can be advantageous, as you can showcase your language abilities holistically instead of being evaluated on each skill separately.
3. Quick Results: With PTE, you don’t have to wait for weeks to receive your scores. Results are typically available within a few days, infact most of the times within hours! giving you faster feedback on your performance and enabling you to make timely decisions.

Absolutely! Fly2Victory Coaching can offer flexible coaching options, including online classes, weekend batches, and personalized coaching, to accommodate the schedules of busy individuals. We understand the importance of balancing your PTE preparation with other commitments.